Jawbox Classic Dry Gin

A Jawbox, more commonly known as a Belfast Sink, was a staple in Northern Irish households of old, used to wash near enough anything "from dishes, clothes, bikes, children and even sometimes their husbands," said Jawbox Classic Dry Gin founder Gerry White. The sink was a busy place, with a lot of life and chatter revolving around it and as such has served to be one of Belfast’s most lasting legacies.Jawbox Classic Dry Gin, then, was named in tribute. "Having worked in bars for over thirty years I have always had the firm belief that people don’t come into a bar to get drunk, they come in to socialise, to tell their tales, share their gossip and listen to others over a drink," explained Gerry. "We used to do that around a Jawbox, and now you can, only in the form of Jawbox Gin!"
Jawbox Classic Dry Gin is made in Echinville Distillery, which opened in 2014 and was the allegedly the first to be granted a license to distil spirits in Northern Ireland for 130 years. The gin was conceived by Gerry White, who was inspired both by his time behind the bar and an influx of new gins. "About six years ago I had the idea to… create a Northern Irish gin, but thought it was maybe just a pipe dream. Three years later and the idea hadn't shifted, so I decided to go for it," he told us. "A lot of new gins were coming on the market at the time, which although were amazing, to me didn’t taste how gin should."
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